Oil and mixed media on Canvas, focusing on traditional subject matters.

Rustic farm-animals and pets captured in paintings that have a glowing presence, oil on canvas.

Portrait artist who’s work hints at the story behind the person,. Acrylic on canvas and paper.

Mixed Media paintings made with enamel, resin and paint. Whimsical work showcasing love, music and traveling abroad.

Joe Lowery.jpg

Joe Lowery

Framed realistic work in oil and acrylic on paper and canvas. Most known for captureing the clean details of a still life in the home.

Katherine Klauber.jpg

Acrylic on canvas, bold design compositions often in dark colors with a masculine mood.

Joe McKinney.jpg

An artist who likes to explore creates work in all different styles and subjects. Overall, he creates resin abstracts and sic-fi related work with a storytelling quality.

Georgia Pistolis.jpg

Wavy styled work depicting flower petals and ocean waves.

Jessica Rynolds.jpg

Light and bright abstract work. Acrylic on wood.

Barb T. .jpg

Encaustic on wood with work featuring calming subjects.

Soft watercolor and acrylic paintings framed and on paper, capturing local landmarks and travels.

A mix of whimsical and spiritual work ranging in styles and subjects, mixed media.

Rhonda Fink.jpg

Rhonda Fink

Original Oil paintings and prints on canvas. subjects include, still life, animals, wildlife, and hunting.

Soft blended mixed media paintings with accents of metals and stained glass collaged in paintings often capturing moody darker subjects.

Jake Morris.jpg

A realist paintier capturing the details of local views buildings, cars and famous people and friends. Acrylic on canvas, usually framed.

Often painting large work, with a grand earthy presence, using marble, plaster, and prisons jewels such as fossils, gemstones, rocks, and shells.

Huntington Beach Park  copy.jpg

A unique perspective on interpreting landscapes, Acrylic on Wood.

Esther Rivas.jpg

Esther Rivas

Classic oil on canvas painting animals, seascapes, American pride.

Suzanne Woolf

Vintage collage work commemorating a different time while emphasizing the history of Greenville and the water-towers found in the area.

Debbie Bzdyl

Dabbling in representational and abstract work in bold and bright color schemes, mixed media and acrylic.

Vladimir Demidovich

Impressionistic pallet knife paintings capturing the beautiful downtown Greenville scenes. On canvas.

Artist creating paintings that have a sculptural quality, experimenting in all kinds of mixed medias.

Specializing in landscapes, florals, still lives and figures painted in bright and pastel colors. Acrylic on canvas.

April H..jpg

Glowing work with soft brush stokes capturing tourists around Italy, the Carolina coast, palm trees, flowers. Oil on canvas.

Carol McDonald.jpg

She does a mix of work: oil on canvas and then watercolor and pencil on paper. Paintings of wildlife and nature in the south.

Laura Nance.jpg

Sweet sunshine and birds, and flowers created in paint and college.

Julia Peters.jpg

Theatrical and emotive work in college form and pastel drawings.

Brarbra Stitt.jpg

Fairytale styled work in bold colors and gold & silver accents. Acrylic and collage.

Peter S. .jpg

Oil on canvas and watercolor on paper all work is famed. Most work is based on specific locations around Greenville and Charleston.